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Sheringham’s Fairy Adventure

Here lies the story of Sheringham’s fairy adventure!

Sheringhams Fairy adventure began on a cool morning in early June. While all the animals lay sleeping in their beds a thick fog had drifted in amongst the leaves. Quiet in its entrance but mischievous in its presence…

All of the animals were fast asleep in the fog on the morning of Sheringham’s fairy adventure. Hedge and Hog the Hedgehogs, tucked their sleepy soft faces underneath their prickly bodies.  Freddy the frog snores could be heard from underneath the large rock on the pond. Even Allard the garden protectress was undisturbed by the lurking fog, as he lay snoozing on his stone.

Jessica was never to be seen at night. She had began collecting fallen teeth of all the children from the human land. She would pick up the teeth and then leave treasure in their places. The animals were grateful for her hard work, as the teeth had many important uses in the magical garden.

Every morning Jessica flies back to the Magical garden world and her little bag of teeth magically trails behind. She sings a morning song along to the early tweeting tunes of the waking birds.

On this particular misty morning in early June, the other animals were beginning to stir from a long nights rest as usual but, there was no sound of Jessica! The animals waited for Jessica, to come. They waited, and waited and waited some more but the sun was now high in the sky and there was still no sign of Jessica.  The animals were really beginning to worry about poor Jessica. The ducklings began to cry, Freddy the frog’s ribbit became loud and full of despair.

Jessica could be lost in the mist! Just then came a rustle from the bushes, and a little fairy girl appeared in the trees. She was talking to a little white bird who sat between her finger and thumb. The little white bird was whispering in her ear ‘We can’t find Jessica anywhere!?’

The little fairy girl could see the animals in such despair so she sat down on the bridge and spoke gently to the animals. She assured them she would help to find Jessica with the help of her other fairy and elf friends. Sure enough with a low whistling tune and a tap in the water  her Fairy and Elf friends began to arrive in the garden.

Sugarplum fairy checked under the bridges and Twin Fairies Elsie and Eloise asked the nightlight fairies if they had seen her, yet no one could find Jessica. Tinkle fairy slumped onto the glass looking out across the pond, they had all given up hope. Suddenly Fairy Bella reached out and pointed high up in sky. There they could see Jessica fast asleep in the trees, She wasn’t lost after all!

‘What are you doing up there!?’ exclaimed Hedge

‘The Mist made me dazed, and so I came back early and slept in the arms of the trees to cool my head.’ Jessica explained. ‘I must not have heard the birds sweet song through the thick leaves of the tree. I am so sorry everyone! but thank you all for looking for me!’

The fairies and elves stayed for a while, dipping their toes in the cool water and dancing around the toadstool’s. Just before it fell dark they left the magical garden as their mummy’s and daddy’s would be missing them back home.

‘bye bye for now’ Jessica waved ‘it was lovely to have you here, please visit again!’

Event Location: Odd Fellows Hall

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