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Norwich Fairies and Elves adventures

Here lies a tale of Norwich Fairies and Elves!

It was a very hot summers day when our magical garden animals met the Norwich Fairies and Elves. All of the animals were feeling lazy and were dozing in the garden. Jessica hid in her toadstool out of the way of the beating sun, Hedge and Hog sat beneath the shade of the fallen tree branches and Freddie the Frog bathed in the pond.

While they were all dozing, none of them noticed the evil fairy Ebony peeping through the trees. Ebony is always up to no good, and this day she was especially up to no good! Ebony wants the magical land to be run by evil mystical creatures but Jessica and Allard are much more powerful than Ebony.

However, it is not just Jessica and Allard’s powerful magical skills that protect them and over throw Ebony. There is also precious items in the magical land which each hold a special unique magic. They give whoever holds them a certain power that no other magic can conjure! Years and Years ago Jessica and Allard and other creatures inherited these items. It was their job to keep the items away from evil lurking creatures!

 The 4 items are as followed;

The sword of Grandor.

The lost Jewels of Lux.

The Pearls of Terra Mater

and The Ridlers Book.

Hundreds of years ago all the Evil creatures of the woods salvaged 3 out of the 4 magical items. They were going to absorb all of their power and take over the magical woodlands. However  in a fierce magical war Jessica and Allards great grandparents took back the enchanted items! The items were distributed between families of the woods so they could be kept safe.

Freddie the Frogs Great grandad Frederick was given the Lost Jewels of Lux to keep safe. The jewels absorb the feelings of the person who holds them and project those feelings onto everyone else. In the hands of Evil this jewel could turn everyone bad, therefore Frederick kept them hidden in a small chest so no one evil could lay hands on them!

The Evil Fairy Ebony has been trying to reach these magical jewels, and today with the sleepy sun beaming down she sneaked into the garden. Ebony tiptoed slowly past the toadstool house. She slide past the snoozing rabbits without barely a sound. There by the rocks the tiny little chest lay, just inches from freddie the frog. Her warty hand neared the chest, and her bony fingers flicked out to scrape up the little wooden box.

Just then a stir occurred the other side of the lake.

A small rosy fairy had been resting on the little bridge that hung over the lake. The little fairies feet that had been resting in the lake were tickled by the witches icy presence over the water. She let out a huge yawn, which froze the evil witch in her steps. As the little fairy looked up and saw the Evil Ebony’s long wrinkly hands suspended over the chest she let out a loud yelp. Allard woke up instantly, and drew out his sword. Jessica flew out of her toadstool in a flash!

The Evil Ebony, startled and infuriated by her discovery let out a blood curdling cackle. She reached down as fast as she could to snatch the jewels, but Jessica and Allard were one step ahead of her. They closed their eyes and began murmuring spells under their breath. Dark clouds muffled the blazing sun, and a bright white light began to surround Jessica and Allard lifting them way off the ground. Ebony was frozen in her stance, her warty hands just inches from the desired chest. The white light swirled fiercely around Jessica, Allard and Allards sword , the dark clouds growled in the sky. Allard lifted his sword and pointed it towards Ebony.

A crack of thunder erupted across the sky and the white light shot out of the end of Allards sword and wrapped itself around the Evil fairy! It lifted her high off the ground, and the clouds, in one huge heavy breath blew her up and out of the garden. The Evil fairy was a mere dot of white in the distance when the clouds lifted and a gentle warm sun returned.

All of the animals Rejoiced!

The Evil Ebony was gone, and Jessica and Allard had protected them once again as always promised. ‘Thank you so much for your warning rosy fairy of the bridge’ Allard said humbly, kneeling before the rosy fairy that sat with her feet dangling in the lake.

‘Please let us welcome any of your friends to come and play in our garden today as a gratitude of our thanks’ Jessica said, sprinkling fairy dust over rosy fairies head.

And so it was, that Rosy’s Norwich fairies came to play in the garden, they played with the jewels with love and laughter that spread over the whole garden. They sat by the lake which kept them cool. Freddy the frog was so happy to have his jewels safe, and everyone was thrilled by the new friends the day had brung!

Event Location: Mercure Hotel

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