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Ipswich Fairies and Elves – Fairy Adventures

Here lies a tale of Ipswich Fairies and Elves

When we met the Ipswich Fairies and Elves, it was nearing the time of year when the days start to grow shorter. Darkness falls over the garden faster than it has in the months before and the sun is lazy in the mornings only showing her rays as time tips past the earliest hours.

The animals had started to gather leaves, wood and moss to make cosy beds for the winter. Everyone always works together in this time,to get the job done faster.  They will all go scavenging the woods, the birds searching high and the rest searching low. They make a big pile of everything they have found at the edge of the garden ready to all use!

The birds sing a happy tune as they all look for their new cosy bedding and everyone sings along. They always like to make the job as fun as possible. As you can imagine it is very difficult for the little animals to carry lots of different materials so it takes them a very long time to get a big pile together.

On this particular day, it seemed to be taking much longer than normal.

Every time the animals went back to the pile of sticks and moss there seemed to be the same amount there! What the animals didn’t know is that the Evil Fairy Ebony was lurking near the Garden again. She had come back to play some more of her evil tricks.

 Ebony was waiting out of sight by the pile.  Every time they bought some over to lay down on the pile, she would snatch it up as soon as they were gone! Ebony was so quiet where she waited that Allard had not yet noticed her. Especially with all the animals singing around him.

Young Milly Mouse was running with a huge stick in her mouth towards the pile. She was racing her brothers and sisters and was so excited to win she didn’t even notice Ebony walking towards the pile. With one large swipe she took out Ebony with a huge crash! Allard shot around and saw poor young Milly mouse cowering from Ebony. Allard pulled out his sword and as he jumped off his rock he grew as large as Ebony! Ebony squealed, she scrabbled up but slipped over again and when she turned Allard had his sword pointed over her.

“Move from here Ebony, you are not welcome in this sacred Garden.” Allard bellowed “You will not return Ebony, you will never win the enchanted land!” and with that he shot a spark next to Ebony as a warning. She flinched then curled herself up and snarled at Allard showing her rotten yellow teeth, before disappearing in a cloud of black smoke.

The Animals Cheered “woohoooo!”and “Yippee” were cried out.

They thanked Allard for protecting them, but no sooner had they been cheering they looked down dismayed. The pile was no more than a few twigs and moss, the short day was soon coming to an end and they would never have time to collect more supplies by nightfall. It was looking to be a cold night.

Just then a twig snapped nearby, the animals didn’t normally loiter too close to the edge of the woods and the sharp noise made them jump! They wondered if Ebony was back to play more tricks on them in the dark.

A Gentle voice wafted through the trees

The voice was of a woman. Then a young voice. The Nightlight fairies shone lights into the darkening woods and their stood a mum fairy with her young fairy daughter. She looked up protecting her eyes from the light “Hello?”

The animals revealed themselves and the mother and daughter fairy came over to meet the animals. She told them she was one of the Ipswich Fairies and the animals told them of their disappointing day. They then explained how they were too small to gather twigs and moss in time for tonight. The Mother Fairy looked around and let out a whistle that sounded so delicate and sweet, yet rustles began to form in the distant trees!

Many little fairies and elves were being led through by two slightly older fairies!! They danced through the tree’s towards the animals, they looked so colourful and graceful as they moved. It reminded the animals of the trails of colour autumn leaves leave behind when they are blowing in the wind.

All of the fairies and elves helped the animals by collecting sticks and moss for them to build cosy homes with, they collected the biggest pile of supplies that the animals had ever seen. They were so thankful and asked the Ipswich Fairies if they would stay and join them for dinner.

They laughed and ate and danced all evening and the best thing of all? Ebony was no where to be seen!