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New Private Fairy Parties !!

 Private Fairy Parties – A magical experience brought to you

What better way to spend the day than with one of our private fairy parties! Transport your children into a world of magic and fairy dust – in your very own home. We have THREE fantastic packages to suit you, and whatever occasion you are hosting a private fairy party for! We can bring our enchanted garden to your living room, garden or even a village hall. Wherever you want to host the best children’s party you ever have, we will be there to magic things up!

You can Kick back and relax while our team take control of the party. We bring the costumes, an enchanted garden, and the magic but most importantly we bring – lots and lots of fun! The children will be entertained for hours and at the end of it, you will have some beautiful photos to keep forever!

Take a look at our fantastic packages below…

The Fairies Backpack – £295

  • 1 hour photoshoot + setup and photo viewing (2.5 hours in total approx)
  • For Children 1-6 Years Old
  • 1-5 Children to participate
  • A collection of 1-5 costumes depending on number of participating children
  • Small woodland backdrop –  1.8 x 2.15m (or use your own garden!)
  • 1 Container of Small Props
  • Each child receives 1 7×5″ photo – other photos available to purchase (no hard selling)
  • Photographer and Assistant will attend
  • Anywhere in Suffolk is included, outside of Suffolk will be charged mileage fee.

 The Enchanted Treasure Chest- £450

  • 2 hour photoshoot + Setup and Photo Viewing time (3.5 hours in total approx.)
  • For Children 1-6 Years Old
  • 1-10 Children to participate
  • A beautiful Collection of 2-20 magical Costumes, depending on number of participating children
  • Small Woodland backdrop – 1.8 x 2.15m (or use your own garden!)
  • 1 Container of Small Props
  • Special effects lighting Props
  • 10 images available (one per child or 10 for host) – other photos available to purchase (no hard selling)
  • Magical goody bag for the children
  • Photographer and Assistant will attend
  • Anywhere in Suffolk is included in the price, outside of Suffolk will be charged mileage fee.

The Magical Flying Machine – £995

  • 3 Hour Photoshoot + Set up and Photo viewing (5 hours total approx)
  • For Children 1-6 Years Old
  • Max 15 Children to participate
  • Over 100 of our beautiful magical costumes
  • Large backdrop, and set including magical lake. ( will need large space – 2m x 2m)
  • 1 Container of Small props
  • Special Effects lighting props
  • ALL other props!
  • Fairy Door
  • 25 Fully photo-shopped digital downloads + prints – other photos available to purchase (no hard selling)
  • Deluxe Magical Goody Bags
  • Photographer and Assistant will be attend
  • Anywhere in Suffolk is included in the price, outside of Suffolk will be charged a Mileage fee.



SO if you want a birthday party with a special twist this year, or you just fancy having some BEAUTIFUL photos of your children doing what they do best. Get in touch with us Now! All inquiries welcome, and we will help create your ideal magical adventure.

Ipswich Fairies and Elves – Fairy Adventures

Here lies a tale of Ipswich Fairies and Elves

When we met the Ipswich Fairies and Elves, it was nearing the time of year when the days start to grow shorter. Darkness falls over the garden faster than it has in the months before and the sun is lazy in the mornings only showing her rays as time tips past the earliest hours.

The animals had started to gather leaves, wood and moss to make cosy beds for the winter. Everyone always works together in this time,to get the job done faster.  They will all go scavenging the woods, the birds searching high and the rest searching low. They make a big pile of everything they have found at the edge of the garden ready to all use!

The birds sing a happy tune as they all look for their new cosy bedding and everyone sings along. They always like to make the job as fun as possible. As you can imagine it is very difficult for the little animals to carry lots of different materials so it takes them a very long time to get a big pile together.

On this particular day, it seemed to be taking much longer than normal.

Every time the animals went back to the pile of sticks and moss there seemed to be the same amount there! What the animals didn’t know is that the Evil Fairy Ebony was lurking near the Garden again. She had come back to play some more of her evil tricks.

 Ebony was waiting out of sight by the pile.  Every time they bought some over to lay down on the pile, she would snatch it up as soon as they were gone! Ebony was so quiet where she waited that Allard had not yet noticed her. Especially with all the animals singing around him.

Young Milly Mouse was running with a huge stick in her mouth towards the pile. She was racing her brothers and sisters and was so excited to win she didn’t even notice Ebony walking towards the pile. With one large swipe she took out Ebony with a huge crash! Allard shot around and saw poor young Milly mouse cowering from Ebony. Allard pulled out his sword and as he jumped off his rock he grew as large as Ebony! Ebony squealed, she scrabbled up but slipped over again and when she turned Allard had his sword pointed over her.

“Move from here Ebony, you are not welcome in this sacred Garden.” Allard bellowed “You will not return Ebony, you will never win the enchanted land!” and with that he shot a spark next to Ebony as a warning. She flinched then curled herself up and snarled at Allard showing her rotten yellow teeth, before disappearing in a cloud of black smoke.

The Animals Cheered “woohoooo!”and “Yippee” were cried out.

They thanked Allard for protecting them, but no sooner had they been cheering they looked down dismayed. The pile was no more than a few twigs and moss, the short day was soon coming to an end and they would never have time to collect more supplies by nightfall. It was looking to be a cold night.

Just then a twig snapped nearby, the animals didn’t normally loiter too close to the edge of the woods and the sharp noise made them jump! They wondered if Ebony was back to play more tricks on them in the dark.

A Gentle voice wafted through the trees

The voice was of a woman. Then a young voice. The Nightlight fairies shone lights into the darkening woods and their stood a mum fairy with her young fairy daughter. She looked up protecting her eyes from the light “Hello?”

The animals revealed themselves and the mother and daughter fairy came over to meet the animals. She told them she was one of the Ipswich Fairies and the animals told them of their disappointing day. They then explained how they were too small to gather twigs and moss in time for tonight. The Mother Fairy looked around and let out a whistle that sounded so delicate and sweet, yet rustles began to form in the distant trees!

Many little fairies and elves were being led through by two slightly older fairies!! They danced through the tree’s towards the animals, they looked so colourful and graceful as they moved. It reminded the animals of the trails of colour autumn leaves leave behind when they are blowing in the wind.

All of the fairies and elves helped the animals by collecting sticks and moss for them to build cosy homes with, they collected the biggest pile of supplies that the animals had ever seen. They were so thankful and asked the Ipswich Fairies if they would stay and join them for dinner.

They laughed and ate and danced all evening and the best thing of all? Ebony was no where to be seen!

Harlow Fairies and Elves – Fairy Adventures

Here lies a tale of Harlow Fairies and Elves

The dim glow of nightfall had just settled in the garden when we met the Harlow fairies and Elves. The sun closed his glowing eyes for another day, and the moons cool light illuminated the garden between the trees.

Jessica fizzed and whizzed and flew off in a circle of fairy dust to complete her night duties. Hedge and Hog rolled themselves tight into balls and tucked themselves away under the shadows of some logs that rested by the lake. The young rabbits had all huddled around Allard on his rock in order to hear some of their favourite fairy tales, then they would cuddle up and  dream the night away!

The Little rabbits were excited for their story and today Allard pulled out the Riddlers Book. The Riddlers book is one of the four magical items.

The 4 items are as followed;

The sword of Grandor.

The lost Jewels of Lux.

The Pearls of Terra Mater

and The Ridlers Book.

Once, a long time ago all the Evil Creatures had hold of 3 out of the 4 Items so over a great magical war Jessica and Allards parent’s took back the items.  The items were distributed between families of the garden so they would be kept safe from evil. The Riddlers book was given to great grandmother Rosie Rabbit to look after, so the little rabbits knew all about the powers of The Riddlers Book.

For those of you who don’t, The Riddlers book is filled with beautiful Fairy tales. Their is wonderful pictures inside that when sprinkled with fairy dust, will dance on the pages! It is The young rabbits favourite story book. The book will only not tell stories if it senses something is wrong.

If the book can solve the problem it will reveal a trail of riddles to lead you to the solution. The book will never reveal the solution itself incase the book is in the wrong hands! Only a true heart of kindness and intelligence can solve the riddles.

As you can imagine the Riddlers Book is very sensitive. It knows who is holding it and it knows what they want, it can sense Evil faster than any living creature.

The Rabbits were all tucked up around Allard’s rock as he opened the first page. They all took a huge breath in in excitement and hugged in their knees, waiting for the story to dance itself off the page.

The page flicked open, but there was nothing there!

Allard flicked another page, and there was still nothing there. So he flicked another and another and eventually they realised that all the pages were blank!

‘why won’t you let us read a story Riddler?’ Allard asked blankly ‘The Rabbits love your wonderful fairy tales’ They waited for the books response, but it gave none. The Rabbits heads sunk miserably. Allard felt awful.

Suddenly there was a rustle by the large chest in which the books live. A little Elf was sitting by the books shifting through them, looking for something. The poor little elf looked very confused. Allard called out to him ‘hello there little Elf, what are you looking for?’

Before the Elf had a chance to answer a slightly older fairy appeared in a flash. ‘you shouldn’t wander off like that! i’ll loose you!’ She suddenly looked up and froze when she saw Allard and the little group of Rabbits staring back. ‘oh my, i i i i’m so sorry’ She stammered ‘we didn’t mean to intrude into your garden, its just… we were following a butterfly the other day and well we saw your books and my brother Bumble wanted a story, but we never finished it. We were going to put it back I’m so sorry!’ hurrying the little fairy picked up her brother and went to dash away between the trees.

‘WAIT!” yelled Allard, ‘come back’

The little fairy stopped in her tracks and she twisted her delicate fairy body to face the others once again. ‘you are more than welcome to read any of our books’  Allard spoke warmly ‘but may I ask, what book where you reading?’

The little fairy looked closely and pointed to the one in Allards hands, ‘well..that one sir’

‘please, my name is Allard!’ Allard looked down at the empty pages, and then asked the little fairy girl to come over and hold the book.

Low and behold as the little fairy held the book the pages filled with pictures and the story that she had been reading once before popped over the pages! The young Rabbits faces lit up with glee!

‘It’s pages were blank because the story wasn’t finished!’ Allard Exclaimed ‘if you don’t mind little fairy, we would love to hear the end of the story.’

Just then lots of other little fairies and elves appeared all peeping through the trees hoping to hear the story. The little fairy explained that these were her friends, the Harlow Fairies and Elves. Allard welcomed them all to hear the story and everyone sat around through the cool night listening to the beautiful fairy stories of The Riddlers Book.

Norwich Fairies and Elves adventures

Here lies a tale of Norwich Fairies and Elves!

It was a very hot summers day when our magical garden animals met the Norwich Fairies and Elves. All of the animals were feeling lazy and were dozing in the garden. Jessica hid in her toadstool out of the way of the beating sun, Hedge and Hog sat beneath the shade of the fallen tree branches and Freddie the Frog bathed in the pond.

While they were all dozing, none of them noticed the evil fairy Ebony peeping through the trees. Ebony is always up to no good, and this day she was especially up to no good! Ebony wants the magical land to be run by evil mystical creatures but Jessica and Allard are much more powerful than Ebony.

However, it is not just Jessica and Allard’s powerful magical skills that protect them and over throw Ebony. There is also precious items in the magical land which each hold a special unique magic. They give whoever holds them a certain power that no other magic can conjure! Years and Years ago Jessica and Allard and other creatures inherited these items. It was their job to keep the items away from evil lurking creatures!

 The 4 items are as followed;

The sword of Grandor.

The lost Jewels of Lux.

The Pearls of Terra Mater

and The Ridlers Book.

Hundreds of years ago all the Evil creatures of the woods salvaged 3 out of the 4 magical items. They were going to absorb all of their power and take over the magical woodlands. However  in a fierce magical war Jessica and Allards great grandparents took back the enchanted items! The items were distributed between families of the woods so they could be kept safe.

Freddie the Frogs Great grandad Frederick was given the Lost Jewels of Lux to keep safe. The jewels absorb the feelings of the person who holds them and project those feelings onto everyone else. In the hands of Evil this jewel could turn everyone bad, therefore Frederick kept them hidden in a small chest so no one evil could lay hands on them!

The Evil Fairy Ebony has been trying to reach these magical jewels, and today with the sleepy sun beaming down she sneaked into the garden. Ebony tiptoed slowly past the toadstool house. She slide past the snoozing rabbits without barely a sound. There by the rocks the tiny little chest lay, just inches from freddie the frog. Her warty hand neared the chest, and her bony fingers flicked out to scrape up the little wooden box.

Just then a stir occurred the other side of the lake.

A small rosy fairy had been resting on the little bridge that hung over the lake. The little fairies feet that had been resting in the lake were tickled by the witches icy presence over the water. She let out a huge yawn, which froze the evil witch in her steps. As the little fairy looked up and saw the Evil Ebony’s long wrinkly hands suspended over the chest she let out a loud yelp. Allard woke up instantly, and drew out his sword. Jessica flew out of her toadstool in a flash!

The Evil Ebony, startled and infuriated by her discovery let out a blood curdling cackle. She reached down as fast as she could to snatch the jewels, but Jessica and Allard were one step ahead of her. They closed their eyes and began murmuring spells under their breath. Dark clouds muffled the blazing sun, and a bright white light began to surround Jessica and Allard lifting them way off the ground. Ebony was frozen in her stance, her warty hands just inches from the desired chest. The white light swirled fiercely around Jessica, Allard and Allards sword , the dark clouds growled in the sky. Allard lifted his sword and pointed it towards Ebony.

A crack of thunder erupted across the sky and the white light shot out of the end of Allards sword and wrapped itself around the Evil fairy! It lifted her high off the ground, and the clouds, in one huge heavy breath blew her up and out of the garden. The Evil fairy was a mere dot of white in the distance when the clouds lifted and a gentle warm sun returned.

All of the animals Rejoiced!

The Evil Ebony was gone, and Jessica and Allard had protected them once again as always promised. ‘Thank you so much for your warning rosy fairy of the bridge’ Allard said humbly, kneeling before the rosy fairy that sat with her feet dangling in the lake.

‘Please let us welcome any of your friends to come and play in our garden today as a gratitude of our thanks’ Jessica said, sprinkling fairy dust over rosy fairies head.

And so it was, that Rosy’s Norwich fairies came to play in the garden, they played with the jewels with love and laughter that spread over the whole garden. They sat by the lake which kept them cool. Freddy the frog was so happy to have his jewels safe, and everyone was thrilled by the new friends the day had brung!

Event Location: Mercure Hotel

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Follow this link to read the beginning story of The Fairies and Elves Adventures, and to read many more adventures!!


Sheringham’s Fairy Adventure

Here lies the story of Sheringham’s fairy adventure!

Sheringhams Fairy adventure began on a cool morning in early June. While all the animals lay sleeping in their beds a thick fog had drifted in amongst the leaves. Quiet in its entrance but mischievous in its presence…

All of the animals were fast asleep in the fog on the morning of Sheringham’s fairy adventure. Hedge and Hog the Hedgehogs, tucked their sleepy soft faces underneath their prickly bodies.  Freddy the frog snores could be heard from underneath the large rock on the pond. Even Allard the garden protectress was undisturbed by the lurking fog, as he lay snoozing on his stone.

Jessica was never to be seen at night. She had began collecting fallen teeth of all the children from the human land. She would pick up the teeth and then leave treasure in their places. The animals were grateful for her hard work, as the teeth had many important uses in the magical garden.

Every morning Jessica flies back to the Magical garden world and her little bag of teeth magically trails behind. She sings a morning song along to the early tweeting tunes of the waking birds.

On this particular misty morning in early June, the other animals were beginning to stir from a long nights rest as usual but, there was no sound of Jessica! The animals waited for Jessica, to come. They waited, and waited and waited some more but the sun was now high in the sky and there was still no sign of Jessica.  The animals were really beginning to worry about poor Jessica. The ducklings began to cry, Freddy the frog’s ribbit became loud and full of despair.

Jessica could be lost in the mist! Just then came a rustle from the bushes, and a little fairy girl appeared in the trees. She was talking to a little white bird who sat between her finger and thumb. The little white bird was whispering in her ear ‘We can’t find Jessica anywhere!?’

The little fairy girl could see the animals in such despair so she sat down on the bridge and spoke gently to the animals. She assured them she would help to find Jessica with the help of her other fairy and elf friends. Sure enough with a low whistling tune and a tap in the water  her Fairy and Elf friends began to arrive in the garden.

Sugarplum fairy checked under the bridges and Twin Fairies Elsie and Eloise asked the nightlight fairies if they had seen her, yet no one could find Jessica. Tinkle fairy slumped onto the glass looking out across the pond, they had all given up hope. Suddenly Fairy Bella reached out and pointed high up in sky. There they could see Jessica fast asleep in the trees, She wasn’t lost after all!

‘What are you doing up there!?’ exclaimed Hedge

‘The Mist made me dazed, and so I came back early and slept in the arms of the trees to cool my head.’ Jessica explained. ‘I must not have heard the birds sweet song through the thick leaves of the tree. I am so sorry everyone! but thank you all for looking for me!’

The fairies and elves stayed for a while, dipping their toes in the cool water and dancing around the toadstool’s. Just before it fell dark they left the magical garden as their mummy’s and daddy’s would be missing them back home.

‘bye bye for now’ Jessica waved ‘it was lovely to have you here, please visit again!’

Event Location: Odd Fellows Hall

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The Beginning – Fairies Adventures

Chapter 1 of Fairies Adventures

This is a story of Fairies Adventures, a story of beginnings, of friendship and home, and most importantly a story of how our secret garden came to be the magical woodland it is today..

Our Fairies Adventures start in a land not too distant from our own – a magical world of fairies and elves. Just like us, each fairy and elf is brought up by a mummy and a daddy, except they have magical powers! Our story starts with a young Fairy called Jessica and her older brother Allard a Woodland Elf.

Jessica and Allard lived a wonderful mystical life having little fairies adventures with their powerful mother and father. Their parents where the protecters of the magical world and looked after all of the creatures within it!

The family would take long woodland adventures where Jessica and Allard learnt how to survive in the magical world. They needed to know how to use their magical powers, as like everywhere, evil lurked in the darkness.

One evening after a long day of Learning in the woodland Jessica, Allard and their mother and father laid down for a nap between the trees. It was a warm night with a soft breeze and soon Jessica and Allard had fallen into a deep sleep…much deeper than normal.

Unknown to them they had been bewitched by Ebony, an evil fairy of the woods. They slept for days and days and days. The days soon turned into months and with this the seasons began to change too. Howling winds and snowy storms blew across them. Had they been awake they would not have been able to see even an inch in front of their faces. Yet still they did not wake. Never stirring, always sleeping without a peek.

Woodland creatures covered the sleepy pair in leaves and moss to keep them warm and protected. As the winter seasons thawed, they took away the leaves and moss and the trees leaned over to cover them in shade, to protect them from the burning summer sun. This cycle continued for 9 summers and 10 winters…

Chapter 2

As the spring sun began to dawn on the horizon and the 10th chilling winter moon laid down to rest, creatures began to relieve Jessica and Allard of leaves ready for summer.

Yet what was that? a slight stir did occur underneath the leaves. Eyes began to squint and flutter, wings began to stretch and flitter, and slowly but oh so surely the two awoke from their deep long sleep.

They looked around startled and confused, ‘why, everything appears to have shrunk?’ Jessica exclaimed. Though nothing had shrunk but these two young ages of 5 and 7 were actually now 15 and 17! Jessica and Allard looked at each other and nearly jumped from their skin.

‘you look so old!’ Cried out Allard, as he prodded his sister face, with his now, much bigger hands.

‘never mind that!’ Snapped Jessica, pushing his hand away. ‘where on earth are mother and father?’ she spoke with a frightened tone to her voice.

The two looked around lost, confused and scared. Two small woodland hedgehog’s called Hedge and Hog came crawling over. Hedge and Hog explained that their parents had been lost in 10 long years of fierce storms and blistering summers. The same storms and heat that Jessica and Allard had slept through. Never stirring, always sleeping, without a peek.

They told Jessica and Allard that the woodland had kept them safe and protected from evil, but the storms were too strong to save their mother and father.

Jessica and Allard thanked Hedge and Hog for the care they had given them all these years, ‘if there is anything we can do to repay you, you have my word’ Allard spoke bravely to the woodland creatures.

 The brother and sister still slightly confused set off in hope of finding their mother and father. In their deepest thoughts, they both knew it was too late, and though it broke their hearts to believe it, their parents were gone forever.

Chapter 3

As they stumbled through the forest, they found not one trace of either their parents and it was beginning to grow dark. The sun dropped behind the silhouettes of the trees and the two desperately searched for shelter.

Suddenly between the trees a small orange glow appeared. It hovered just above the ground between the cranky roots of an old oak tree.x Jessica and Allard looked to each other in glee as they fled toward the light.

A fallen lantern lay delicately on the ground. As they leaned in closer they could see a group of tiny fairies huddled around it, bickering to one another.

‘I told you not to fly so fast!’ One little voice squealed.

‘I didn’t fly fast, you just couldn’t keep up!’ Squealed another.

Jessica and Allard looked at each other baffled for a minute. It seemed the fairies had crashed their lantern. All of a sudden the fairies stopped in their tracks, obviously aware they were now being watched. Their tiny little faces, almost too small for the naked eye peered up at the two teens suspended over them.

‘its the children! they woke up..’ peeped another, older sounding fairy.

‘Night light fairies..’ exclaimed Allard. ‘but how do you know us?’

The fairies explained how they had brought the children light in the night, in hope they may wake up, but the bewitched spell had been too strong. They told Jessica and Allard how they had tried every Sunday and Tuesday at the second hour of the morning, though the two never moved. Never stirring always sleeping, without a peek. The fairies could see how confused and bewildered Jessica and Allard looked, and decided to tell them what happened through all those long 10 years in which they slept – never stirring, always sleeping, without a peek.

Chapter 4

When the Evil Fairy Ebony saw Jessica and Allard learning the magic of their parents it made her blood boil with jealous rage! She wanted to rule all of the land, and keep it for herself!  So she put the children into a deep bewitched sleep, in hope they would sleep forever.

Never stirring, always sleeping, without a peek.

While they had been sleeping Ebony had been conjuring up terrible storms and unbearable summers to ensure their parents would never return. She hoped that with Jessica and Allards parents gone, it would push the woodland creatures out.

Although the creatures managed to stay alive in the woodland, the storms had ruined their homes. They were now all too weak to rebuild them, in fear of Ebony’s return. Jessica and Allard couldn’t believe what they had been told, but they knew exactly what to do! The two shared a glance, and smiled.

Jessica lifted the lantern up, with all the fairies flittering around it she placed it as high as she could reach in a tree. ‘you’ll be safe here for now, now wait till the morning – all will be well, you’ll see’ with a wink and a smile Jessica and Allard ran off into the distance.

Chapter 5

The two worked all through the night collecting toad stalls and mushrooms, gathering fire wood and sticks. They found a small lake decorated with Lily pads and began to build a secret garden around it.

They would let all the woodland creatures who had helped them for all these years live in the garden, so they could live there in peace. Jessica and Allard would use their skills taught by their parents to protect the creatures from Evil.

As the sun rose over the garden the creatures woke with it. They peeped from their nestling beds to see a wondrous home before them. The birds flew up out of their nests in excitement, Hedge and Hog rustled and rolled in glee and the nightlight fairies danced and squealed from their cosy lantern!

All of the creatures could not believe their luck and they thanked Jessica and Allard for bringing them a new safe home. They begged Jessica and Allard to stay and live with them in the garden, but as Jessica and Allard looked down to the animals they were just too big to fit inside the secret garden. With a deflated sigh the two turned to go.

Chapter 6

A rustling and nudging at their feet did come, and their below them was the soft face of Hedge, ‘but where will you live?’ he scuffled ‘you must stay with us’

‘We wish that we could Hedge, but we are just too big for this enchanted garden’ Jessica spoke with a saddened face. Her and Allard did not want to leave their new friends.

Just then, the older nightlight fairy called out and gathered all of her nightlight fairies together, they hustled and bustled and squealed with excitement once more. In no more than a flutter they  began to circle Jessica and Allard, they span so quickly around them. Trails of golden dust and sparkling feathers flew off them and landed on Jessica and Allard.

Jessica and Allard could no longer see through the sparkle fairy dust that flew through the air, but when they re-opened their eyes, they were shrunk! The toadstools looked like houses, the lake now seemed a sea. The little lily pads that had once fit in their hands now looked big enough to slumber upon.

‘Thank you so much!!!’ Exclaimed Jessica as the nightlight fairies pulled her bubbling and sparking with joy into the toadstool house what would become their new home!

‘we will forever keep you safe, and be grateful for this deed!’ shouted Allard in pure happiness, and with that he climbed the tallest stone in the Garden to watch over all the land.

and so it was that Jessica and Allard became part of the woodland creatures lives. Until this day you will still find them in the magical garden..So come and see us, and join the fairies adventures!

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Magical Photo Experiences in Norfolk and Suffolk

Childrens magical photo experiences in Norfolk and Suffolk

Magical Photo Experiences

The Fairies and Elves magical photo experiences are for children from 6 months to 14 years. All our beautiful costumes are provided however you are always welcome to bring your own!

We travel the length and breadth of East Anglia and Essex regularly bringing our enchanted garden to places such as Norwich and Great Yarmouth in Norfolk; Lowestoft, Stowmarket and Ipswich in Suffolk; Colchester, Clacton and Harlow in Essex and as far West as Bedford and Corby; and up on to the North Norfolk coast to Kings Lynn and Sheringham.

Parents, Grandparents and other family members absolutely love to watch their children play in our magical fairy garden whilst our amazing photographer captures stunning pictures and memories to last a lifetime.

We have many bespoke products available to purchase at our events. Including prints, large wall portraits and high resolution digital files which include a print license. If you’d like to find out more about them please visit our prices page or just give us a call. We’d be happy to talk you through what we have to offer!

Group and private bookings

We also offer group and private bookings if you would prefer an exclusive magical photo experience with your friends and family.

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